Currently running 2016 soil samples and getting stuck in propolis,  and then have plans for site changes. The side menu should work in the interim. :)

We hope you enjoy our project shares!
"Seat belts everyone!" Miss Frizzle

9/28/2016 - Compiled the 2015 soil results into document format and linked it from the lab.

9/28/2016 - A nifty photo/video tour of the last remaining covered bridges in Berks County was to go here. We won't mention any names, but *someone* dropped their phone with all of the photos/video on it in the toilet meep! It was enough fun though, so we'll do it again...the tour.;)

9/18/2015 - The Latest Buzz

6/20/2015 - Food Results

7/8/2014 - Mobile Monitoring data added

2/23/2014 - updated Soil Project - added SUFL4.1, completed analyses for SRCA1.1, SRPA1.1, SRWI1.1 and SUGA1.1

2/3/2014 - updated Soil Project - added spectra and analyses to Florida samples.
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